Telos: Original Transmissions from the Subterranean City beneath Mt. Shasta [ Dianne Robbins] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Explore . TELOS by Dianne Robbins. Price $ New Expanded Edition. Beautiful channelled messages with Rosalia from Telos. Original Transmissions from the. Dianne Robbins. · Rating details · 17 ratings · 2 reviews. Explore the rich family life of the people from the Lost Continent of Lemuria, who have been living .

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Marco rated it it was amazing Nov 26, Jan 21, Cynthia Armendaiz rated it it was amazing. Some people might be in a bond marriage two, three hundred years before they take a sacred marriage.

Just as important that they learn sports.

Telos: Original Transmissions from the Subterranean City Beneath Mt. Shasta by Dianne Robbins

Shasta This is a true story and testimonial of my Telos Book. What is meant by that is we are set up on a basis that the government owns everything but the government is not responsible for controlling anything. They simply move with it then return back to the diamond hard substance and again support beams and such become totally superfluous. And we have also found, rather than arguing with each other, should a small incident come up, we immediately go to arbitrators, understanding that an argument can more often than not make it worse than anything else.

Within the Agharta Network, the cities that are allowed to dianhe are only those that are based on light principles, only those that are based on love, only those that does not hurt, only those that diqnne based on nonaggression. What about those jobs that no one wants to do since everyone chooses their jobs, gathering the garbage and dematerializing it, diahne the hydroponic gardens, etc.

Some have survived, yes, many animals and plants. And of course the umbilical cord has quit pulsating. They can always go and feel the rightness for themselves. Ammy marked it as to-read Aug 11, Vishwas Prasad rated it liked diianne Oct 06, This is where, you might say, our heart and our soul is.


Thus, most of our life, or a good portion of our life depends on these computers, these organic multi-tracking computers which keep us in touch with not only talking to different people in the city, not only with the computer telling us what our physical needs are at the moment by monitoring our bodies, but also the computers are able to play our soul notes, which is able to produce in many subjects, such as meditation, taking us to higher and higher levels all the time.

And the control tower knows when, for instance, a collision is just about ready to be inevitable between two sleds coming from different directions, or when a diannne is operating a basket irresponsibly, in which case the control tower alerts you immediately and tells you that you are about to produce an accident or you are acting irresponsibly.

Shawn marked it as to-read Nov 02, The Atlanteans moved into their city at just about the same time Lemuria sunk, moving in first their priesthood, their greatest scientists, some of their greatest thinkers, to try and preserve their lives against the coming cataclysms. This tape will discuss the culture of Telos. Arbitrators are usually priests or priestesses with very much an understanding of the human psyche and are also capable of looking into the Akashas.

During the wars themselves people highly civilized stooped to quite low levels, but they too at the end, they realized the futility of such behaviour.

Telos: Original Transmissions from the Subterranean City Beneath Mt. Shasta

During these earthquakes, the earth shook so hard, that in many, many places, it went right off of what you would now call the Richter scale. The Lemurians went underground before a thermonuclear war destroyed the Earth’s surface. Refresh and try again.

Angel News Network rated it it was amazing Aug 25, It comes from Venus. These earthquakes were so intense that many people died from the sound of the earthquake, not from any effect of the quake itself such as a building falling upon them or something. This serves a second purpose. In an essence, it becomes a small sun. Other buildings like that throughout the planet survived, but most of the cities were completely reduced to rubble.


That is saved for a sacred marriage. Liang rated it it was amazing Apr 15, Lemuria, in essence did somewhat of the robbinw. They come and they work the amount of hours they wish. The whys are being answered by professionals. Shasta already being a place of great sacredness on this planet.

Dianne Robbins – Telos – Hollow Earth – Inner Earth Book Store

But by creating a system where all these energies are dealt with, then adults come out feeling much more secure of themselves at the other end of their teenage years. Most people just prefer to walk if they can. So everyone can come in and exchange energy in some form to receive, you might say, the little pampering things in life.

I am new to this information but am amazed at how it is already positively changing my life. Getting an understanding of what was happening on the surface, you can perhaps understand how the Lemurians or Atlanteans would prefer to be living underground.

Therefore this living stone picks teols the emulation coming from the solar rays, the light rays, and goes the color of the predominant ray, for instance, when the blue ray is in its greatest manifest the living stone capstone goes blue. As you are able to grow food, much, much faster, using advanced hydroponics with very little soil and much water, therefore also you produce a form of gardening diannne does not need fertilizer and does not deplete the soil.

From the Sacred Mountain of Mt. It is being sheltered from the surface by a Tibetan lamasery. There are those who are strictly teachers, but most teachers have gone through a full temple training.

You need new clothing, you go get clothing.